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sweet things
Saturday, July 2, 2011
assalamualaikum ,
  1. you give me sweet message till 6 pages and too much sweet promise you write inside .
  2. you take care of me when i'm sick , when i go out alone .
  3. you be there when i've family problem and listen what ever i talking about then you quiet state of my heart 
  4. you give me your T-shirt and a sweet card at the inside have sweet words . 
  5. you sang a song to me if i'm touching or i'm in not good mood . 
  6. you say to me " i want you always by my side " and give me a kissed .
  7. your laugh , your cough , your sneezing , your voice when you sing , your tired and sleepy voice .
  8. you give me a spirit to study smart and do the best in exam . 
  9. you call me and just to say you miss me when we message .
  10. you post on my blog " marry you " and " bukan diriku " without i know about it .
  11. you teach me mathematics and you'll mad if i don't know how to do cikai punya soalan .
all about you is sweet addie , thanks for the sweetness you give to me . i appreciate it sayang . i really-really miss all about your sweetness . i don't know why i'll always crying if i read old text from you . that's too sweet k sayang . kalau lah i boleh putar masa , i putarkan masa-masa kita bahagia . omyyyy i miss you . yaa , i know you do the best for me to make me happy and smile . but my heart is not very hard to believe it all as before . i try my best k sayang to make you always smile and not to make you mad over me . insyaallah :') i love you .
    *kalau lah dia baca kan kan kan . dia marah takk =.='

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