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Monday, September 5, 2011
assalamualaikum ,

this entry is more to addie danial nik haris . sebab ? harini hari dia jadi aku punya and aku jadi dia punya . so awak taknak baca takpe , saya nak tulis jugak eventho ada ayat yang tidak disenangi ataupun entry nie annoying . so do i care ? my blog so up to me lah kan .

dear addie ,
happy 11month anniversary sayang , i'm happy with you . i'm falling in love with you everyday i'm with you like first time i meet you . i love you from the start i was your girlfie until now . oh , no i mean until last my breath . i'll always love you . 

my sweetheart , 
thanks for everything and anything you give to me . no matter what even benda tu biasa bagi boo but for me is too special . sorry for all my mistakes . and i know i can't be perfect girl but i'll try to a perfect person who love you more . sorry for all my wrongdoings baby . terkasar bahasa , bad attitude , marah tak tentu pasal ,tertouching lebih sampai boo rimas , tersakitkan hati and so on yang negative lah . but i bet tu semua tak sengaja k sayang , sorry taww :')

and baby , 
i swear you'll be my last love . and sayang , good luck for your trial examination k . i'll pray for you sayang . do the best k baby and i know you can do the best my genius boyfie :) i'm a little girl and of course i'm not pretty girlfie WANT YOU ALWAYS IN MY LIFE TO COLOR MY LIFE TO BE MORE BEAUTIFUL and please don't leave me again baby . promise k ?

my soul , 
i love you i love you i love you forever and always . i need you because i love you . i need you forever . yes because i love you . i love you to much addie danial . your are too special in my heart . yes , you are my special boyfriends . 

i love you boo , i love you so much nik muhd addie danial bin nik haris . xoxoxo , suesmsl .

i miss you much


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