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fer you #2
Thursday, October 13, 2011


once again

i always keep bumping into you . everywhere i go i find you . why ? maybe this could be fates way of bringing us together or maybe fates just rubbing in the fact that i can't have you . .

why don't you love me as well i love you ? why don't you care ? why did you lie and say  you'd always be there ?

don't say goodbye , it hurt too much . say farewell  , though just as tough . it's smoother on the heart and easier on my eyes . but every time you it i feel i'm going to die .

some days , i feel i can't breathe , you used to breathe life into me now your gone and i'm alone . breathless and searching for air .

Please don't leave me, please don't go... i need you here beside me, to hold me, to comfort me, to... simply i need you :'(

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Bonjour Fellas *_*

Bonjour fellas! Welcome to my Entries..Thanks for visited..Know all about About..nice to meet you. I love my Friends and my family..

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