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Good Luck Baby
Wednesday, October 26, 2011

this entry for my beloved boyfriend . yes , addie danial nik haris . i don't know what happen to us . but okay never mind , Allah always by my side . okay so here the wish start , 

baby , i doakan yang terbaik untuk you . doa i untuk you takkan pernah lupa . you mintak kita macam nie, okay i'll do that asalkan you puas and tenang . i nak you berjaya sama mcam you nak i berjaya . harapan i cuma nak jadi terbaik untuk you and jadi seorang yang paling penting dalam hidup you . 

addie , it's so hurt to me but okay never mind insyaAllah i'll be okay . i miss you too much . really . i don't know how to express . i try untuk fikir positive . i try buang jauh-jauh perasaan bodoh nie . i try jalani semua nie untuk you . i cuma nak you tahu , i'll wait for you baby . promise . 

addie danial , sorry for all my bad attitude . thanks for everything you give . i gonna miss you baby . so take care good your self . i'm here to stay love you and support you addie . i love you too much . Good luck for your examination . do the best and i know you can do the best . i'll pray for you baby . again and never end I LOVE YOU ADDIE DANIAL . 

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