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10 days photo challenges
Monday, November 14, 2011

so hai and again assalamualaikum sweetie :) tadi blogwalking then terjumpa blog hani. mula-mula taknak join. tapi tuan blog ajak. rasa macam best pulak en ?
Day one - your facebook profile picture Day two - A photo of yourself a year ago Day three - A photo of someone you love Day four - A photo that make you happy Day five - A photo of you making a funny face Day six - A photo of what i could find in your beg Day seven -A photo of you and your bestfriend Day eight - A photo of Something you want to do before you die Day nine - A photo of you have taken Day ten - A photo that make you laugh
so amacam ? agak-agak korang boleh join? kalau nak jom ah ramai-ramai. hehe. so je. sue start esok :) k bye, assalamualaikum.

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