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Dear Boy
Sunday, November 27, 2011

this entry only for you, addie danial. 
with all my heart i love you. and so bad i can't hate you even tho you hurt me many times. only you in my mind. yes you boy, addie danial. i can't stop missing you, i can't stop thinking about you. just you and me who know what happened between us. and i'll always miss all the memories.

awak tahu, 24/7 ingat awak. tak pernah lupa. doa saya untuk awak takkan pernah sudah. saya sanggup cancel keluar dengan kawan untuk sambut awak balik. dengar suara penat awak, dengar luahan awak. sampai pipp cakap "klau nak keluar dengan kau susah yang amat" hahaha. 

i hope Allah hear my prayer. i hope me and you longggggggggggggggggg lasting kan kan :) whether we promised. whether we get any loyalty. you'll always in my heart, in my mind. you're my soul, part of my life. listen baby, i love you i need you and i heart you. too much :*

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