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My heart whisper
Sunday, January 8, 2012

i have died everyday waiting for you. darling, don't be afraid i have love you. for a thousand years. love you for a thousand more..

so yes. i don't know what i feel now. i feel... nothing.. my mind, my heart miss you too much. yes, i admit saya kurang percayakan awak. sebab.. entah lah.. cara awak layan saya.. cara awak care pasal saya.. it's totaly different. tahu tak awak, rasa takut gila kisah lama berulang lagi..

sumpah, i'm too tired to be like this! ya Allah, i can't stand strong anymore. i want you come to me and say "i'm so sorry baby because i'm hurting your heart again and again" how i wish addie.. pretty please, understand what i feel addie? for a second. please. i really miss you. i want you. berukk.... awak dah tak rindu saya lagi ke :( bebal, please.. i miss you lahhh..


i know you hate me and addie. it's doesn't mean you can brittle my heart. please lah, i know him more than you know him. aku paling tak suka bila orang rendah-rendahkan orang sekeliling aku. paling tak suka. pantang. i know them more then you. do you don't know them but you see how they are. mereka ada attitude yang pastinya awak tak tahu sepenuhnya. so please, behave your words. thank you

assalamualaikum, bye

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