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You're the one and only
Friday, February 10, 2012

#percaya atau tak. dlm list friends FB saya takada lelaki lain selain daniel dfeedkazi ni.

whatever words you say, you wrote, you give to me...
it's mean so much to me addie.
i try my best to make us always happy and sweet like other couples..
i know i CAN'T be perfect as you wish.. 
but serious i try my best addie... 
stay there and wait for me please. don't ever leave me again...
i love you so much.. too much.. 
i really love you.. i harap sangat kita kekal lama selama yang mungkin..
insyaAllah sampai bila-bila?
trust me...
you're my last love nik muhd addie danial nik haris....

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