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Thursday, March 1, 2012

#Puteri Malaysia. taknak kalah

Hi and assalamualaikum. well . i'm done hide my all scars. sumpah penat. act i don't know what i feel. but apa yang saya tahu, saya penat tahan semuanya. may i open all my scars and tell them that i'm so hurt? ya, i need someone sit with me and hear me tell everything all my sickness. but i can't... i don't know why.. lahhh. so lame... who knows what i feel kan bila in reality i laugh like crazy people , i smile and i do the things that show i'm okay! yaaa, nobody knows.. 

so okay, maybe i should stop to cry dan berhenti seksa diri sendiri fikir benda yang tak perlu di fikir. ya my mum always reminds me "kalau nak muka tu lawa jangan banyak fikir, jangan tidur lambat" but mom.. okay. i must do what my mum says... the things i really hate when i cry so hard and the ends me pretends like nothing happen.. fuhhhh.. i feel like "woii! perasaan aku sakit kau tak nampak ke?!" fine i know the answer already... 

act i don't what my problems lahhh. tapi rasa sesak dada ni tahan sakit. i know one day Allah tunjukkan apa sebabnya.. so sabar and stay strong lah kan? okay, insyaAllah . 

Lots Of Love

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