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please stay, addie
Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dear Self.
what's wrong with you? how can you feel so bad like this? can you help me to stop feel like this or you want me do something make you feel better.. please wehh! i'm so stress. please jangan buad perangai time-time mcmni.. ye faham .. faham sangat apa kau rasa sekarangg.. pasal addie kan? ye tahu sue tahu.. but you must support him.. jangan lah mcmni please :( i know you can face it sue.. i know you'll! please, don't be so bad like this.. wake up sue, minggu exam boleh tekanan sampai mcmni.. what will happen with your result nanti.. i know you can change everything gonna be okay.. please dear self, just keep calm and strong... ya Allah....

please stay with me.. mana pun awak pergi, awak berada.. please, key your heart for me.. and please remember all the promise we make and what we wish for.. please, don't you ever say that you'll leave me again.. i don't know why.. i'm too afraid.. takut sangat.. i'm believe you but entah lah.. hati ni tak yakin.. that's the problem.. so how sayang :( so from now.. i'll try my best to back normal like always and try untuk terima semuanya nanti.. kena belajar mengikhlaskan sesuatu.. my weakness.. please set on your mind that i'm always need you and miss you.. tolong lah faham b.. i don't know why i'm feel alone when you not around me.. didn't text me or call me.. i don't know what to say just now.. so that's all. bye! assalamualaikum

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